Dispose My Meds

Madison Pharmacy offers an environmentally safe way of disposing of unwanted or expired prescription and OTC medications. This free service not only prevents medications falling into the wrong hands, but also prevents them from entering our landfills and water supply.

These items can be brought in and deposited in our drug box during our regular business hours. The drug box looks like a big white mailbox, right in the middle of our store

Controlled substances are welcome.

Excluded items:

Liquids: These can be poured down the drain. This sounds contradictive, but if we can dispose of all of our tablets and capsules properly, the liquids will then be negligible.

Injectables: These can be brought to Morristown Medical Center for destruction. For more information regarding syringe and needle disposal visit https://safeneedledisposal.org/single-listing/?id=476.